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Cancellations, Reschedules, and other Changes

Any and all cancellations, changes, reschedules or alterations to any appointments must be made over the phone, with one of our representatives, before closing time the day before your appointment.  Any and all cancellations, changes, reschedules, or alterations to any appointments that are made on the same day as your originally scheduled time will incur a fee as follows:

  • Two hours or more prior to your appointment time – 50% of the value of the service you are booked for will be charged to your card.
  • Less than two hours before your appointment time will constitute a “no show” fee, as it will have prevented us from offering the space to another patron.  The “no show” fee is 100% of the value of the service you booked.

There are no exceptions to this policy.  If you are not 100% confident that you can make a specific appointment time, please consider trying to “walk in” for a service when you are available, rather than making an appointment.

Sending an email, or leaving a message on our machine outside of our normal operating hours does NOT constitute a valid cancellation or reschedule.  You must speak live with one of our representatives at (305) 763 8032, during normal business hours.

Late Arrivals

If you make a blowout or makeup appointment with Dry de Luxe, you are booking 60 minutes of  time with our stylists for your scheduled service.  This 60 minutes begins precisely at the time you have booked. Please arrive 5 minutes prior to your appointment to allow for check-in.

If you arrive late for your appointment, but within 15 minutes, we will only have the remainder of your appointment time to service you.  For example, if you arrive 10 minutes late, we will only have 50 minutes remaining in your 60 minute appointment to service you.  As we pride ourselves in starting all of our appointments on time, we can not extend or reschedule the time of your appointment as that presents significant inconvenience to other guests.

If you do not arrive within 15 minutes of your appointment time, your appointment will be cancelled as a “no show”, and your credit card will be charged for the full amount of the service you booked.  You would need to make a new appointment, subject to our availability, in order to be serviced.  The “no show” fee that was charged previously can NOT be applied to this new appointment.

No Shows

Any patrons that do not show up for an appointment without prior notice or cancellation (a “no show”) will be charged the full value of the scheduled services, no exceptions. Any cancellation or reschedule within two hours of the scheduled appointment time is also deemed a “no show”, as it similarly prevents us from offering the space to other interested patrons.

Changes and cancellations must be made verbally, over the phone, during our normal business hours, with one of our live representatives at (305) 763 8032. Leaving a message on our machine outside of normal business hours will not constitute due notice of change or cancellation.

Once again, we encourage our patrons who cannot commit to a specific appointment time to simply “walk in”, without an appointment, at their leisure. We are always happy to accommodate our “walk in” patrons with the next available stylists.

Return Policy

All sales are final. We do not accept any returns or exchanges; nor do we issue any refunds of any kind for any products, services, certificates, or packages.

Dry de Luxe gift certificates are non- returnable/refundable and should be treated like cash. Only the bearer of the certificate shall derive benefit. Gift certificates are not redeemable for cash.

Hair and Makeup Service Policy

All of our stylists are exceptionally experienced, and they are generally able to identify potential issues and dangers during consultation. We reserve the right to refuse service to patrons that present a hazard or loss either to themselves or to our stylists. Dry de Luxe is also not responsible for any and all damage, loss of hair or extensions, shedding, physical side affects, or any other issues that may occur during service. Retention of hair and hair products is at the patron’s own risk, no exceptions.

Extensions Policy

All of our extension professionals have extensive experience, are manufacturer certified, and are experts at handling all of our extension products with due care. As a result, we reserve the right to refuse extension services to the following types of prospective patrons (1) patrons whom our services are poorly suited for, or generally inappropriate for, (2) patrons with competitor products in visible disrepair, (3) patrons that insist on treatments outside of our specific recommendations and warnings, and (4) patrons who have not performed proper upkeep and cleanliness. Dry de Luxe is not responsible for any and all damage, loss, shedding, physical side affects, or any other issues that may occur after our initial application.

Stylist Requests

While we always try our best to accommodate your requests for specific stylists, we cannot guarantee that you will be paired with a particular stylist or makeup artist at the specific time and date of your choosing. But rest assured that we will place you in good hands, with a stylist highly capable of achieving your desired looks.