Whether it’s in combination with a hair color service, or without, our team is well known for creating picture perfect haircuts.  We offer the full range of haircuts – from simple trims, to re-creating a specific style that you’ve seen, to complete hair makeovers based on our recommendation.  We draw our influences for haircuts from current trends, classic styles and time tested techniques. We are able to fuse fashion and hairdressing together, providing a haircut result that is both modern and timeless, and tailored to each individual guest.

Fringe/Bang Trim, Halo Trim — $25

Simple trimming of fringe/bangs between haircuts. Shaping up, or trimming a halocouture hair piece to blend with your natural hair.

Regular Haircut — includes wash, blowout, and styling — $100

Maintaining current hairstyle by cutting ends, and shaping to maintain a healthy style. This haircut service should be booked every 6-8 weeks to maintain healthy, lustrous hair.

Re-style Haircut — includes wash, blowout, and styling — $140

Tired of your old hair? A re-style is the answer!  When you desire a completely new look, Dry de Luxe will provide you with a breathtaking, dramatic change of style.  Feel free to bring inspirational pictures, or simply discuss elements of the look you’re going for with your haircut stylist.

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A 20% gratuity for your stylist will automatically be added to your bill for any haircut.