Selecting the correct color hair extensions is the most crucial part of the process of achieving a beautifully natural look.

Different extension companies use different color measurements on their extensions, so it can be confusing. Follow these tips and get the perfect color and tone when you buy your extensions.

1) The part of the hair extensions that will show, is the area below where your hair ends when the extensions are worn.

Identify your natural or existing hair color from the tip to the middle of the strand. The natural existing color of your hair, needs to match the color of the portion of the extensions that will be visible.

The root portion of the hair tends to be a darker color, and will be hidden once the extension has been put in. Blending your hair on the bottom part is the most critical for a natural, real-hair look. The new-growth hair at the root will not make for a good match and the hair will not integrate as seamlessly with your own natural hair color.

​2) If you are buying your extensions at a local salon, you can color-test by holding the extensions up to your hair in natural light to judge how close the match actually is.

Choose the color that most closely mimics your own hair color in natural light or in sunlight. Try not to match the color under led lights, or cool lighting, as this will neutralize any warm shades, and when worn will look totally different in daylight.

3) If selecting the exact same color is an issue, always follow this rule: 100% Remy human hair extensions can be colored darker, but it is MUCH harder to lighten them- so always select the slightly lighter shade, and have your stylist apply a toner or a gloss to the extensions.

If you follow these tips, you should be well on the way to selecting your perfect shade of hair extension.