While our regular locals are well-trained on a number of techniques for combating frizz and the extreme Miami humidity, we often have many visitors and vacationers who have all but given up…and have resigned themselves to simply being at nature’s mercy.  And, indeed, visitors from different climates will have hair that is wholly unaccustomed to our intense humidity — and the natural response is the opening of the cuticles and ends, causing the hair to absorb a great deal of moisture…which results in frizz and flatness.


Here is our best advice to keep you prepared, frizz free, and looking runway-fresh throughout your visit.

1.  Purchase/bring the right shampoo and conditioner.

Reputable brands have developed formulas that are specifically designed to seal those cuticles and keep the moisture from affecting your look.   This isn’t just fancy packaging and advertising – THEY WORK…and work very well.  At Dry de Luxe, we stock anti-frizz hair products from Living Proof, Redken, Davines, and Morrocanoil.  While there are many other brands that offer anti-frizz solutions, these are the brands we use every day and know to be effective.  We, and our patrons, swear by them.

2.  Be sure your hair is completely dry.

This may seem obvious…but you’d be surprised.  Leaving moisture in your hair because you are pressed for time (or just can’t be bothered!) is the surest way to hand nature the victory. and consign yourself to a life of frizz.  While we would recommend getting a professional blowout early on in your trip (which should last you several days!), if you’re going to do it yourself, making sure your hair is completely dry before styling is a must.  This starts right out of the shower – be sure that you are towel-drying by squeezing the hair, not roughing it up.

3.  Leave-in products provide an extra layer of defense.

We stock several serums, lotions and mists designed to put a final seal on the cuticles and ends, and prevent frizz.  Again, many of these WORK.   The only caution is choosing the option that best suits the style that you are going for, as some of these can be very heavy.  Most are made with silicone, which makes achieving/maintaining volume more difficult.  If you’re going for a look with lot’s of volume, be sure to choose an option that is silicone free, such as Living Proof Satin Hair Serum.  The silicone-free options will allow you to achieve and maintain a smooth/shiny look without sacrificing your volume in any way.

4.  Consider a Keratin treatment for long-term defense.

For ALL hair types, the best advice we can give for fighting frizz is getting a professional Keratin treatment.  It is, hands down, the most effective frizz-fighting tool you can buy.  Not only will it keep your hair frizz-free and glossy for several months, but it will also cut your every-day styling time in half as your hair will be significantly easier to manage and style.  Hair products, while effective, can only go so far, and for so long.  Keratin is your best method of defense against frizz.  Visit the Keratin page on our website here to learn more about what it does and how it works.