Purchasing tape hair extensions is a significant commitment.  As such, we find that many women do quite a bit of research before making the jump.  But we also encounter a lot of women who come to us to “fix” or “repair” hair extensions applications of questionable quality that they have had performed elsewhere.  They often tell us that other providers hadn’t properly informed or coached them through the hair extensions process.  To help you avoid a bad experience, we’ll share a few simple steps that should be observed to ensure a high quality hair extensions experience:

1.  Make sure your provider takes the time to give a thorough consultation.

Before any application work is done, your provider should be discussing, at length, items such as the look you are going for, your current hair care regimen, any hair or scalp issues you have experienced, your history of hair loss, and any previous experience you’ve had with hair extensions.  All of this information is absolutely necessary in order to create a look and application that is truly right for you.

2.  In order to verify that your provider is using REMY human hair extensions, ensure that your provider is going to allow you to touch and feel the hair extensions before using them in your application.

The hair extensions that they propose to use on your extensions application should be in it’s original packaging, which is your only assurance that it has not been refurbished.  We also highly recommend against using anything other than high-quality Remy human hair extensions.  Remy human hair extensions are made from hair that still has the cuticle intact and all the hair shafts are downward facing, just as is the case on any human head of hair.  Of course, you should ask the provider if they are using Remy human hair, but you can also verify this for yourself (if they allow you to handle it.  If they don’t, run, and don’t go back!). Hold the hair extensions in one hand, at the top part (leave the bottom part hanging).  With your free hand, grasp a hand full of the hair extensions and rub in an upward motion with your thumb.  The hair you are rubbing should relax back to it’s normal/original position if it is truly Remy hair extensions.  If it remains bunched up or distressed, it’s likely NOT Remy hair (it is most likely a human/synthetic blend, or very low grade human hair that lacks intact cuticles).  We have a surprising number of patrons that come to us for hair extension repairs who are shocked when we inform them that their previous provider didn’t actually use Remy human hair extensions.

3.  Why is high quality, Remy human hair important?

If you are not getting Remy human hair extensions, you are guaranteeing yourself a whole host of issues and problems.  First, lesser quality hair is not able to endure heat or any chemical process.  This means that you would not be able to color the extensions, and, more importantly, you would not be able to apply levels of heat that are high enough for effective curling, straightening, or smoothing.  Your hair styling will only last for a very short period of time before returning to the natural state of the hair extensions.  Second, lesser quality hair extensions often remain very dry and itchy — a condition that can’t be rectified even with the highest quality deep conditioning treatments.  Perhaps most importantly, you would be ensuring that you have to spend a significant amount of time every day de-knotting your hair extensions.  Remember that Remy hair refers not only to the cuticle being intact, but also to the downward facing position of all the shafts. Having all of the hair facing the same direction significantly reduces the formation of knots and tangles in your hair extensions.  Lesser quality hair will matte up very easily with every day wearing, and you will spend a great deal of time, every day, dealing with unruly knots.

4.  After-care is essential for maintaining the life of your hair extensions. 

Your provider should be diagnosing your hair needs, and recommending a proper hair care regimen to maintain the life of your hair extensions.  This will include recommending the appropriate hair care products, proper brushes and tools, as well as the frequency and manner of washing, drying, and other maintenance.  No professional hair extensions application should end without proper education on how to get the most life, and best results from your hair extensions.