At Dry de Luxe, we only stock and recommend the best products available. For this reason, we have partnered with the two most reputable brands in hair extensions -- Hotheads and HaloCouture -- to exclusively offer their revolutionary hair extensions technologies.

Both Hotheads and HaloCouture were the inventors and originators of their specific type of hair extensions. While they have many imitators, none come close to matching their quality, design, ease of use and longevity. Both companies use only the highest grade of 100% Remy human hair. These hair extensions can be heat styled, cut and colored, just like your own hair.

Hotheads is the originator of the tape in hair extensions. Each extension piece is attached to your existing hair by our Hotheads Certified technicians, with careful consideration given to placement, and your natural growth pattern. These extensions look and feel almost seamless, lay completely flat, and are undetectable when the hair is styled. This type of hair extension is a great choice for addressing either a few select "problem or thinning" areas, adding a pop of color, or enhancing the overall length or fullness of your hair styles. Maintenance or removal is quick and easy, and can be addressed at any time with our expert technicians. Come in for a few color accents, or come in for a complete application.

With the conviction of our 20 years of experience in the hair industry behind us, we proudly stock only Hotheads and HaloCouture hair extensions, certain that there isn't a better brand or higher quality hair anywhere else on the market.